Drop-shipping: the business that invades the world

Drop-shipping is a business that has recently emerged on the Internet and has many significant advantages. A variant of e-commerce made much simpler by the absence of stock and logistics, drop-shipping has been interesting to many people and perhaps you as well.

Zero logistics

The first advantage of drop-shipping is obviously the absence of logistics. Indeed, the storage, packaging, and delivery of products are for some a real nightmare that does not say its name. With drop shipment you don't have to worry about all these formalities because you are not the supplier.

The Low investment

The second biggest advantage of drop-shipping for sellers is a consequence of the first. Since you don't have to stock the products there will be no expenses incurred in renting a place or hire personnel to ensure the safety of the products. Your wallet will thank you. On the other hand, keep in mind that you will have to invest a minimum of money in the marketing and also to create your online store.

What about the customer?

Drop-shipping is always perceived as a form of scam and is often misunderstood by the public. However, those who are in this business are for the most microentrepreneurs who are trying to generate money like all of us. It is important to note that drop shipment has some drawbacks for the customer. The lack of logistics means that customer service is not available, so there is no one you can complain to if the product you receive is not suitable or is broken. The traceability of the product is also impossible and the delivery time can be excessively long. In addition, as in every business, there are people with bad intentions, so it is important to be careful when you shop online.