How to choose the right battery for your laptop ?

The battery is an essential part of a laptop and ensures its autonomy. However, sometimes the original battery is damaged and needs to be replaced. Choosing an external battery seems difficult. So what criteria should you use to make the right choice? Here are some tips on this subject in this article. 


It is essential to check the technical characteristics of the battery to be purchased according to those of your computer; click to investigate the batteries offered by the site. There are three things to consider when looking for the best battery. These are capacity, voltage-ampere compatibility and the compatibility of the connectors supplied.

Expressed in mAh, the capacity of the battery determines the possible life of the battery. So, before choosing a battery for your laptop, you should make sure that the mAh value is high. And that the battery is capable of providing the necessary autonomy for your computer.

In addition, a good battery should have the same voltage as the original battery. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an external battery with the same voltage data as the original battery. Otherwise, the computer may not work or may have a power surge problem. 

Furthermore, each brand of laptop has its own connectors. So this is a necessary point to consider in terms of compatibility.

Battery life

The choice of a battery depends on the intended use of the computer. Indeed, for a use requiring few battery resources, thus autonomy, a battery of approximately 20,000 mAh is sufficient. However, if the computer is used for tasks that require a lot of autonomy, it is important to choose an external battery of at least 50,000 mAh.


The weight of the battery is important when transporting or moving the laptop. Therefore, it is best to choose a battery with a reasonable weight of between 500g and 1kg. It should be noted that the weight of batteries varies according to their capacity.

In short, the choice of a good external battery is made by taking into account the characteristics of the laptop. You should also consider your personal needs.