How to install minecraft server addons ?

Addons are add-ons that add items or features to the minecraft server. This allows you to provide your server with more features by making it more efficient. But what are the steps to install addons on a minecraft server? Pay attention to the content of this article in order to master the installation of addons.

Installing the Forge server

Installing addons on a Minecraft server requires the use of a Forge server. The latter is available on the official site of Forge. Indeed, the creation of a Minecraft server with addons requires the installation of the client part of Force. It is this part that gives access to the server. For this purpose, you should run the installation file to create a new configuration on Forge in your Minecraft laucher. 
Then you will access your server afterwards.  At this point, run the installation file again to install the server part this time and then click on "install server". Do not forget to change the installation path by selecting a new folder. The installation process is similar to that of the client part. However, it will take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection. During the installation of the server part, the Minecaft server will be downloaded with all the libraries and additional files necessary for its proper functioning. Then go to your installation folder and if you are on Windows, double-click on the "run.bat" script or "" if you are on Linus.

Finalization of the installation

So, after the reboot, you will get a classic error that indicates that you have to accept the EULA, a regulation set up by the owners of the server. The acceptance is done in the file "eula.txt" by replacing "false" with "true". After that, run the script again and you will get a "done" message indicating that you are now reachable. Then, after installing Forge on the official website, you have to go to the configuration step. It consists in copying the files corresponding to the mods in the "mods" folder of the client and the server. In addition, delete or save the "world" folder to avoid data corruption.