How to optimize your mobile app rating?

How to optimize your mobile app rating? 
Having better ratings and positive reviews on apps and the aim of every developer. However, some people still haven't been able to achieve good ratings on their apps and are wondering how to do it. Are you in the case? We help you in this article.

Incentives to rate 

The remark made is that the more users like an application, the less they talk about it, at least, make judgments about it unlike the case when they don't like it. Check out . It is common to encounter those pop-ups that you try to bypass. Pop-ups are very effective, but you should not abuse them. To better exploit them, do not propose pop-ups repeatedly, avoid interrupting the user's navigation. Also, do not always send a notification just to note the application. On the contrary, in case the user indicates that he likes your application through the pop up, he will be presented with a redirect link to the rating page. However, if he doesn't like the application, allow him to express himself. He will feel free to express himself and also contribute to the improvement of your application.

Improve the application 

To overcome the critics, you should take into account the suggestions to improve your application. For more credibility, all suggestions are normally taken into account. This way, you can get more good ratings in the future. Make it a habit to talk to your customers. They will be able to tell you what they like and dislike about your application. Because when they notice and positive improvement, will give good ratings to the application. In addition to the algorithms put in place to reference the application, the regular human intervention in the comments attests to the credibility of your application.

Getting good ratings on your application is a mechanism. As a developer, you must be able to stimulate your users to evaluate your application by your regular intervention and by listening to their grievances and complaints.