Internet, the communication medium of the century

Internet is a powerful tool that allows you to stay informed and to communicate in a very effective and fast way. With just a few clicks you can do anything, even make money. Unfortunately, some people use this wonderful tool for malicious purposes, so it is important to be careful. In the purpose of helping you we have made a small selection of different scams that have emerged on the Internet.

Lottery scam

An old scam but still one of the best, the lottery scam has been based on a very simple principle. A person will try to make you believe through an email that he is an important foreign structure. Lucky you, thanks to the company you have just won one of their lottery prizes. The problem is that in order to receive your prize you will be asked to pay a few hundred dollars in fees. It is therefore important not to reply to these malicious e-mails.


This is a very elaborate technique that consists in usurping the identity of the victim itself. In order to get your personal information, especially your login and banking information, someone will pretend to be a structure that you know well and trust. It is important to remain vigilant in order not to fall into the trap.

Dating scams

One of the most common scams today is the dating scam. While searching for your soul sister you may come across a nightmare. Keep in mind that you can never be sure of the identity of the person you are talking to. To avoid falling into this kind of trap, use video calls to reassure yourself of the identity of your interlocutor and of course never send money or intimate photos to your interlocutor. And don't forget, for the first meeting with the person always do it in public.