Let's Learn More About Dinosaurs

The origins of life, as we know, it comes from further back than we think. It is believed that all current animal species have their ancestors in the dinosaur era. The difference in appearance is a result of evolution. The genes of these different species had to adapt to increasingly changing living conditions. To learn more, read the article. 

Did they really exist ? 

For more details, see these details. This debate is often encountered in religions that maintain that the first life forms were celestial beings. But concrete evidence from archaeological digs confirms that there were indeed prehistoric animals that existed and then suddenly disappeared. To see these bones, it is possible to go to museums that specialize in the exhibition of prehistoric animals. 

How did they die ? 

The belief is that the dinosaurs were victims of an asteroid impact and the theory seems to be confirmed, because all the evidence collected seems to confirm it. In reality, a long time ago, during the era of these great animals, a giant asteroid of almost a hundred kilometers hit the earth. 

Unfortunately, the shock was so violent that no animal could resist. The shock caused tsunamis, strong winds, and volcanic eruptions with thick ash that covered the entire atmosphere of the earth for days. The lack of oxygen and many other factors took their toll on the dinosaurs. 

Are there any specimens left elsewhere ? 

At this time, it is simply impossible for a single dinosaur to have survived this catastrophe. Numerous expeditions and excavations have been carried out and they reveal the bones of these animals. 

The first findings are that they were quite massive and they constituted an ecosystem very similar to the one encountered today. There were herbivores, omnivores, and at the top of the chain, the carnivores, which fed on the other species. 

Dinosaurs existed for a long time and they were exterminated by a giant space rock, none of them survived. Today it is possible to see what they looked like. For this you have to go on the internet, or in museums.