Nomophobia: The 21st century new addiction?

Are you scared and stressed when you seem not to find your phone? Is it impossible for you to live without your cell phone? If so, you may have nomophobia.

A portmanteau word born from the contraction of the English expression “no mobile phone phobia”. Nomophobia is a term that refers to an excessive fear felt at the idea of ​​being without a cell phone, or not being able to use it. Although not everyone agrees to call this kind of anxiety a phobia, some studies have found a somewhat alarming finding. Indeed, 53%, this percentage can rise to 76% among 18-24 year olds, of smartphone users in the UK are anxious when they are unable to use their phone. It also emerges from this study that men seem to be a little more affected by the phenomenon with 59% of men affected by this phobia against 48% for women.

Nomophobia is a phenomenon that has not yet been scientifically recognized but which remains very dramatic which has recently been amplified with the advent of smartphones and unlimited plans. Having a smartphone today is quite essential, it allows you to stay informed about what is going on in the world, to keep in touch with the family or to earn money etc… Whatever the reason, we all have one. It is up to us to decide how much importance we want to give to the cell phone in our life.

Define a screen time

One of the most popular methods to reduce the time we spend on our phones is to define a realistic screen time. Today it is possible to set an alarm directly on our phones and receive a notification when the limit of time has been reached. Phones are important, of course, but it is up to us not to abuse it.