The private taxi driver: how to be one?

As part of the transport sector, a private taxi driver can be a service run by a transport company that provides transport for individuals and influential people. Do you have ambitions to become a private driver? In this article, find out how to become one.

Requirement to have a professional driver's card

As the job of a private driver is a special one, you will need a professional driver's card to be able to promote yourself while complying with the rules in force. In fact, to obtain this card, you need to apply for it by following a few steps that you should know if you click over here. However, in order to apply properly, it is necessary to provide some essential documents. Indeed, your application for a professional card must contain your ID, proof of residence and a valid type B driving licence. In addition to these documents, a certificate proving that you are physically entitled to deal with the transport of people and a document attesting to your success in the VTC competition must be added.

Obligation to set up your own private taxi business

Having the ambition to become a private taxi driver requires the foundation of your company intended for the private taxi. Indeed, in accordance with the rules and conditions established by certain legislations, you must necessarily make yourself known in the eyes of the law. In order to make yourself known to the law, you must set up your company, which must be registered in the legal registers. In such cases, you have the option of setting up your business as an individual or as a SASU.

Obligation to register your company in the VTC register

Following the creation of your private taxi company, it is essential that you know that to start your transport activities, you are obliged to register your company in the VTC register. This registration is carried out using the following documents: your VTC card, the document proving that your transport vehicle is registered and insured.