What advice to ensure the protection of your corporate data?

Attacks on corporate data have seen a worrying proliferation in recent years. It therefore becomes essential for companies to implement a system to protect their personal files at the virtual as well as the physical level. In this article, we take a tour of actions that could contribute to some company data.

Protect data against instructions over the Internet

Sometimes the biggest risks of corporate data insecurity come from outside. Cases of theft of corporate personal data via the internet are legion these days. To remedy this, it becomes crucial to set up anti-intrusion barrier systems. Activating a firewall or using external access filtering equipment can guarantee first-level security. For more comprehensive protection, opt for dedicated devices such as KoDDoS Protection. An optional premium VPN can also be of crucial use in protecting data packets exchanged between remote locations within a company. Beyond using these tools, it is important to update your system regularly. In this way, you prevent the emergence of security holes.

data access and manipulation device

To ensure the security of corporate data, it is essential to define precisely who will have access. Indeed, all employees do not have the same responsibilities in a company. They therefore do not need to access the same company files or data. Access must therefore be granted according to the previous parameters to prevent sensitive documents from falling into the hands of the wrong people. It is also important to define user rights in order to avoid uncontrolled manipulation of data. Then make regular updates of rights as there will be movements of employees from one position to another and from one department to another. All of these actions help to provide better security and data, especially if you are working with subcontractors.

Put in place measures for the physical security of data

The security of virtual data also involves the protection of equipment. Already, host your data on high-performance and secure machines. Ensure the recurring update of these machines and above all arrange them in appropriate frames. Limit workers' access to these materials through security guards or entry controls. Have secure storage for regular data backup.