What do you need to know about the location form for the destination of Italy?

All those whose destination is Italy must know that they are obliged to provide certain information about their health before the trip. PLF, which stands for Passenger Location Form, is the form implemented by the immigration and health authorities of some European countries.

Filling out the PLF for Italy

The PLF Italy form must be filled out by travelers leaving Italy or going to Italy.  This form must be filled out two weeks before the travel deadline. Only a few European countries are affected by this decision. The question to ask is how to fill out the form correctly, you can click on PLF Italy for more details. Certain relevant information required by the immigration and health authorities must be included on the form, otherwise, it is impossible to be authorized. When the Passenger Location Form is properly completed, the passenger will be provided with a PDF of the PLF and its QR code by email. Before boarding, it is advisable to save a copy of this form or the printout as proof. 

What are the PLF requirements?

Before setting foot on Italian soil, all passengers must present a negative antigen test certificate. This test is important if the passenger comes from countries such as the United Kingdom, the British Isles, and Northern Ireland. Before or during boarding, passengers must present a green COVID-19 certificate. The certificate of recovery is ordered to passengers bound for Italy, but who have been taken by the USA, Japan, and Canada. This certificate must be presented 14 days before their arrival in Italy. Failure to meet these requirements will result in 5 days of quarantine. For more information on the PLF Tracking Form, please click on the link provided in this article.