What is the importance of timelapse for the construction industry ?

Timelapse is more and more used by the construction industry. The latter have noticed that it is a tool that has become essential for its monitoring of the site. It will allow you to gain time and productivity, while helping you to better organize yourself. However what are the benefits of timelapse in construction ?

What does timelapse bring you ?

The timelapse camera will allow you to take pictures of your construction at regular intervals and thus see the evolution of your site live on a web interface. Adaptable to all kinds of construction sites, the timelapse camera can be installed both indoors and outdoors, totally weatherproof. To learn more, look these up

At the end of the construction, a promotional timelapse film will be delivered to you retracing all the evolution of the site, which will allow you to highlight the know-how of your company, but also to honor all those who worked on the site.

Why has timelapse become indispensable in the construction industry ?

First of all, because it allows you to follow your construction site live. Thus, you can visualize all the steps that remain to be done or even spot the anomalies of your construction site and share them with your team. Indeed, all your data are archived in a secure cloud and you can directly download your pictures in one click from the interface. 

Moreover, we know that construction workers manage several sites at the same time, are often on the move and the sites are very rarely in the same area. Monitoring sites via the interface will make it much easier for you to manage multiple sites and will allow you to deal with major problems much more quickly. Even when you are on the move, you can consult the interface from your smartphone. The timelapse of the last month being automatically generated on the interface, you will also be able to compare the periods of your construction, month by month. Finally, having an eye on your construction site at all times will greatly help you optimize certain tasks and better organize your schedule.