What tactics of play, Tottenham will offer under Antonio?

 After a first refusal to take the reigns of the Tottenham team, the Italian-born manager Antonio Conte to finally succumb to the offer of the team. He will then take over the English team and push it to the top as he had achieved with Inter Milan. To achieve this result, he will take advantage of some strategies that he likes and that we will discover in this article.

Tottenham will certainly play with three

Antonio Conte's track record shows that he likes to play his teams in a three-man formation with two players in attack. So on paper we can expect to see Dier, Romero and Tanganga in defense. In midfield and on the sides, we will certainly have Reguilon, Lo Celso, Hojbjerg, Ndombele and Royal. Then in attack, he will count on the dexterity of Son and Kane. So it is a formation that will allow to highlight the talents of the players of the team. For example, as you will discover on the website https://footballnews.net/, Romero, is a regular in the defense, a position in which he had shone when he was in the Atlanta team. In addition, the two players in attack already benefit from an unprecedented complementarity on which Conte can count to achieve these goals..

Tottenham will bet on keeping the ball

Everyone knows that manager Conte is fond of ball possession. This is part of the strategies he used when he was under contract with Inter Milan. He will therefore propose a 4-2-4 operation. This type of game will certainly involve Davies in central defense and Matt could be in attack. For these two have the experience and performance to make this combo effective. Just like Inter, Tottenham will find themselves playing much more a vertical game. The direct passes or relay will be numerous, which will limit the retention of the ball by a player over a long period. Conte, can also propose a 3-2-5 game just like he did when he was at Chelsea. With this strategy of play, he can count on the couple Kane, Son in attack with the possibility that Kane switches to the left wing from time to time. Alli, will be a particularly formidable counter on the left wing as he had been during his glory years with Spurs.